Request: Removing instrument from flow

Can I request that the ‘removing an instrument from a flow will remove music’ dialogue only happens when there is music in that instrument. It would make it much quicker to clean up imports.

I’ll make a note of this. I can’t promise we’ll get to it any time soon.

Thank you.

Do you mean a Player, or an instrument? When I remove a Player from a Flow, I don’t get a warning, unless there is music in the flow. If it’s an import, it might have explicit clefs or per-staff barlines.

I can’t see how to remove an instrument from a Player in just one Flow.

I mean player, but the dialogue says ‘instrument’.


Hmm. I wonder if it is an xml import thing.I’ll experiment.

That is a different dialogue to the one I’m getting now and different to the one I get deleting an xml imported player. But even with a new player with no music, I still do get a dialogue.

For what it’s worth, I also note that (in a native Dorico 3 project) if I untick a flow for an unused player, I don’t get a dialogue at all - the player just disappears from that flow…