Request: Reorder VST instruments


Please give us the ability to reorder our VST instruments in the panel on the right of the play mode.
As I’m in the process of switching to BBC SO instruments, the list has become somewhat of a mess and my OCD won’t allow that :laughing:

Thanks, Esti

The numbers are bothering you? Try not to worry about it! Even if we were to make it possible to drag the instruments in the VST Instruments panel up and down, it wouldn’t change the numbers.

Thanks for your answer, Daniel (even on a Sunday!)

Just to clarify: It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the order of players.
While the HALion player can handle multiple instruments per instance, the BBC SO player is one player per instrument. That’s why it’s a bit distracting to have a total disconnect between the list of Dorico players on the left and the list of BBC SO players on the right :wink:

Yes, I understand. Well, I’m certainly not ruling this out as something we might address in the future, but it’s unlikely to have an especially high priority.

If you create a Endpoint Configurations for individual sections and combine them together into a Playback Template (as I describe here: ), then you can re-apply the Playback Template so the plugins will now be listed in score order.

Thanks, Paul, for chiming in.
I have to larn about Endpoint Configurations yet, and if this is the solution, I will happily do that.

(Will this also rearrange the lanes in the mixer, which are completely messe up currently in my project?)

Yes, it should do.