Request: Replace illegal filename characters in exported PDF

I have been inserting flat symbols in Dorico for my part names. This is all fine until I try to open the exported PDFs. Adobe Reader dislikes filenames containing flats. When I manually remove the flats from the filename, it opens fine. Suggest that Dorico do some sort of substitution for illegal characters as part of the PDF export.

I’m not sure how we would do this. As far as Dorico is concerned, that’s just a regular Unicode character like any other. This seems like a bug in Adobe Reader rather than a problem with Dorico.

You are correct. I see now this is resolved in newer versions of Acrobat.

In case anyone has this issue and is on Windows, I wrote a PowerShell script that replaces “♭” in all filenames in the current folder with “Flat” and would be glad to share it.