I have made a request here at Steinberg 17 days ago. No answer yet! I have bought A LOT of software and hardware from steinberg during a long period of time!

I might be naive, but I expected an answer!!! I’m NOT happy with the customer service so far!

(#34032: Integra-7 work with UR824 and Cubase 8 PRO 64 and ASIO and Halion 5)

:confused: :frowning: :cry:

we all expect things…

what did Roland say?

I assume you are referring to this post?

First, this is a user forum. This a more of a peer-to-peer system, users helping other users out. If you require Steinberg support I would suggest you contact them directly.

Second, since your original post is rather vague, I’m not surprised that no one has tried to help with an answer. Maybe if you explained what the issue is a little further we can help. For example, “I cannot get sound from the audio outs on the integra-7 to record in Cubase” or “I see no midi data being transmitted to my midi track”. Those kind of question are something that other people can actually evaluate.

I see this in your original post on this thread, “(#34032: Integra-7 work with UR824 and Cubase 8 PRO 64 and ASIO and Halion 5)”. I’ll assume that is a Steinberg case number? if that is correct, you should call Steinberg and reference that case number.

I have been using Cubase since about 2003 and been on this forum just as long. I have never had to contact Steinberg myself, so I don’t know the support process.

Hope this helps and have a good day.
Mr. Beer