[REQUEST] Right-side search feature

It takes a while to find what I need, and that interrupts the workflow somewhat. I’d love it if there was a bar just above the right-side panel that I could quickly use to search for terms. :slight_smile:

The problem with this, I think, is that relatively few of the panels on the right-hand side contain much in the way of textual descriptions of the items there.

What about suggestions in the popovers?

I’d love to see popover-suggestions so that you don’t have to learn all the popover-comands.

There is a trade off in designing any software between “quick and easy to learn” and “quick and easy to use”.

IMO Dorico (at least the initial versions) is at the “quick and easy to use” end of the spectrum - which is as it should be for an app aimed at a “professional” user base.

Once you have learned the popover-commands you actually use, a “suggestion box” obscuring a significant amount of the score might be more of an irritation than a help.

Just my two cents, of course!

Perhaps such an option could be a selectable preference so users could turn it off when no longer needed.

I totally agree with Rob Tuley, a big “suggestion box” covering the whole page is not ideal. Some of the playing techniques are pretty long words and they need to be spelled correctly to show up. So if the popover worked more like a filter that only shows the words that fits to what I’m writing the size of the “suggestion box” wouldn’t be that big.

That is exactly what I meant by suggestion box.

That’s an excellent way to describe Dorico. But some of the words are long and need to be written precise, so even though I’m starting to know my way around in Dorico, I too often have to look in the right panel because I don’t remember the spelling.

And I don’t think a suggestion box needs to take up too much space. It can even be inside the same box, with a “ghost” font. There may also be a delay before the suggestion displays, so that you won’t be bothered at all when you know what you want. I use spotlight (macOS) a lot, and it never takes up too much space. I can simply write “s” because I know that the first suggestion is Safari. This is a very speedy way to access all the corners of my computer, and I think it would be a huge help for speedy entry in Dorico as well :slight_smile: