[REQUEST] RIP Mono downmix option

Hey Steinberg crew,

We discussed this issue on the past few days on this thread.

I would like to suggest a future improvment on the Render in Place process, to include a mono downmix for when I select multiple mono clips from mono tracks.

The workaround (export audio mixdown) for me it’s just too time consuming.

Keep up the good work, N8 rocks!

What’s wrong with mono material on a stereo track if you render in place mono clips?

Don’t you think Nuendo\Cubase lack of more important functionality for future releases?

Nothing’s wrong. I’m a OCD that likes to have mono material on mono tracks and stereo material on stereo tracks and it helps my workflow.

Besides, mono material when working on dialogue edits for a feature film is less disk space consuming than stereo material (FYI half the size). And on these kind of projects it matters.

Functionality improvment is always important. Steinberg’s team will decide how to prioritize the requests, don’ worry.

Thanks for the input.