Request: Sample rate conversion function on AAF /OMF Import

When I import an AAF which contains files in multiple sample rates (44.1 / 48) The files with a different SR than the SR of the project are not playing at the right pitch. It would be very helpful to have the ability to (automatically) convert samplerates when importing AAF / OMF.

I seem to recall that this should happen automatically. ( I saw it in the update list of N6.0.7, see screenshot), but it doesn’t work correctly.

I think you should contact SB or post it in the other section with “[ISSUE]” in the headline if you think this is a bug. It seems to me like it’s a bug.

I will contact them directly, since the ISSUE section is locked…

I meant put it in the “General” section. I think the “issue” section is for verified problems.

It is not a real bug. Nuendo does at sample rate conversion when importin normal audio files. But when importing AAF or OMF you don’t have the sample rate conversion option. ProTools has got this feature.

Okay, so wouldn’t it be great if this feature WAS included?



Desperately needed!

Got hit again last week…please implement … !