Request: show ALL comments

I’m using the comments feature with several collaborations presently, and they’re great. But I find it a bit difficult that comments only display for the selected flow. In a large project with many flows, we may get to the point that there are only a handful of comments left, but they’re easy to miss without checking every flow. That forces the sender to specify location… which sort of defeats the purpose.

It would be nice to be able to show ALL actionable comments in the project, regardless of their location.


Here’s an example as well. There are no comments shown in the panel when I switch to this layout. Not only do I need to have the correct flow in the view window, but I need to actually click on an item in that flow for the comment to appear. Easy to miss comments, which can be a crucial part of our collaboration.


What about exporting comments for an overview? This will generate a beautiful html table which is much better than the list on the screen – and you won’t miss anything.


I was going to suggest this. Of course it’s not as inmediate, and it’s not my intention to dismiss your request, which I completely support, but I’ve found this functionality quite handy.

That’s a good idea… thanks.

This has been requested before. I’ll see what I can do about pushing it up the priority list.


Thanks, Daniel, for putting up with our steady stream of requests! :sunglasses: