Request: show group names in part dropdown

I don’t know if many other people do it this way, but I have a project with all the cues for a specific…well…project. Each cue is a flow, and each cue is also a group on the right hand column of the setup tab and the instruments of that cue are within the group. When I need to open the dropdown for the part in the setup tab, all you see are the names of the instruments. It’s really hard when you have a ton of the same instrument in all the different groups. It would be great if we could see the group name there (maybe as an option?). A picture will describe the situation better:

If you don’t mind me saying so, you’re doing it wrong. You have tons of duplicate instruments, which isn’t how Dorico is supposed to work.

You should assign players to flows as needed, not create a player for each new flow.

Your Horns 3&4 should only exist once, for example, and be assigned to all the flows for which they play.

As an example of Dan’s point, I just transcribed five movements from the two Carmen Suites, for wind band.

I had a Full Score (one staff per part) and a Conductor Score that combines flutes 1&2, oboes 1&2, etc. As Dan says, I have just one Flute 1/2 layout, and it’s assigned to all five flows.

Works perfectly.

Also (and now I’m really not answering your question), you may find down the road it’s helpful to differentiate between solo and section players. Your “violins” player is a solo player, when it should be a section player. Necessary for divisi, as well as the desired sound sample.

I disagree. I’m guessing you don’t do a lot of film cues. The cues are all really short and each individual cue is brought in with XML from Pro Tools -> Cubase. The name of the game is working fast, and some cues have similar instruments and some dont. By trying to maintain the same instruments throughout various flows and not other flows it becomes a big mess really quickly. This is a very fast way of doing it, and the only difficulty with this method is with this one specific issue.

Bottom line is that in this use, I am not composing for a single orchestra or group of players. Obviously if I was, I would only have single players and I probably wouldn’t need groups.

On a totally different note-how did you become a certified trainer? I have reached out to Steinberg several times about becoming certified for Cubase and from what I can tell, the certification no longer exists? I’d love to get certified though!

PS: to be clear-lest I sound like I’m the composer, I’m not. I’m doing Music prep and I’m given a PT file, open it in cubase and clean it up and export the XML and then import to Dorico, so every cue is a separate XML where I’m given the opportunity to create new players or have Dorico try and guess where to put the parts. It never works out well when Dorico guesses, so that’s why I’ve found it much easier and faster to just create new players, create a group for those new players and name the group the name of the cue.