Request: Show notes out of range for each staff by bandoneon


Althougth the music for bandoneon is written on a grand staff, the treble clef is used just for the right hand and the bass clef for the left hand, therefore it would be useful if Dorico could show the notes out of range for each hand/staff and not only for the whole instrument. That is important when colaborating with people that are not familiar with the particularities of the instrument.
As a workaround (just for the low register of the treble clef of the bandoneon) i have added a bass oboe stave, copy there the music from the bandoneon treble clef, transport a octave down, so the notes under A (second ledger line) are shown as out of range. But than can be done only in a flow by flow basis, when you have many flows this workaround is time consuming.
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Thanks for your feedback, Rafael. I wonder if there are other instruments that would benefit from this approach? Dorico’s not set up to work this way, but if there are lots of instruments that would benefit from this approach it’s possible we could work towards this in a future version.

Hello guys,
An idea for improvement came to my mind (inspired by Overture 5)… Would be nice if we could have editable instrument ranges.
This is how we could be able to set ranges for rarely used instruments, without asking the team to add them.
Daniel, of course we cannot expect from the team to be able to include the range settings for all available instruments around the World…
But you could make it editable and leave it to the users. :slight_smile:

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As long as we are dreaming, it would be nice for the instrument (in the player’s hand) to be identified as student, advanced, or expert (or some similar gradation), with the out-of-range coloring being sensitive to the skill level.

Please note that it is not uncommon for a doubler to have different skill levels on different instruments. For example, it might be assumed in a pit orchestra that a book that calls mainly for clarinet and alto sax might assume expert skills for those two, but assume a lesser skill level on flute for the same player. Many woodwind players can get around OK on the first 2 octaves of the flute, but they are in the deep weeds if asked to play anything in the third octave.

Also the accordion has different range for each hand!