Request: slur handles to be independent

Hey folks,

So, if you want to do anything interesting with slurs - like this:

I go into Engrave and I increase the number of segments in the slur properties. This give me three sets of handles to manipulate - the peak of each curve with two associated handles to manipulate curvature and length a la Illustrator (or similar vector program), and a handle for each end of the curve.

I’m finding It quite frustrating that when you manipulate any of these handles, it also manipulates all of the other handles - In Illustrator, or similar, I would position the peaks where I would like them, and then manipulate the handles manually until the slope of the curve was correct. As it is, as soon as you move one peak, the handles and sometimes position of another peak is moved, meaning I have to go back and manipulate a point which I had already set.

Is there a way to make this more intuitive and a little less faffy?



I vaguely remember that these handles used to be more independent, but that behavior was changed.

Edit: it was ties, and not exactly the same issue. For the record, I agree with your request. Perhaps holding down a modifier key like Alt while dragging would remove constraining.

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I agree - and I learned a new and useful word “Faffy”.

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As Dan said, it used to be the case that the handles were completely independent and I found it very inconvenient. Most of the time when I need to adjust a slur, I want to maintain the basic shape and just change the height. Having independent handles meant that I had to adjust at least three of them sequentially because the slur would otherwise become distorted, and it took me a lot longer to make simple edits. Although I infinitely prefer it the way it is now and also find it more intuitive, I’d agree that there should be a setting (or a function key) for moving handles independently, for the situations in which I’d want to do ‘something interesting’ with slurs. :wink:
(I’ve never seen ‘faffy’ as an adjective before!)

I ddi recently have to create an S-shaped slur, and I found that every time I moved one part of it, the other one moved as well. This may be unfamiliarity with how its supposed to work, but there you are.

Isn’t it easier to select the S-shaped slur in the properties panel? You can choose which direction you want it to take and then it’s just a matter of adjusting it slightly, for which it is handy that the slur maintains its shape.

Funnily enough I made an s slur for the first time last week and I found it a rather frustrating experience. As soon as I’d get one half right I’d go to adjust the other half only to see my other work destroyed. I found it rather puzzling and it took a lot of trial and error to get the intended result.