REQUEST: small engraving option for gradual dynamics and tempo changes

Hello team,

i’d love to be able to natively swap the position of “poco”, “molto” and “poco a poco”, maybe via engraving option or properties panel.
Me and my publisher(s) are so much used to read “cresc. poco a poco” instead of “poco a poco cresc.”, same with “dim. molto” but also “accel. poco a poco” or “rit. molto” so it is also true for gradual tempo changes.

Besides from publishers housestyles this request has practical reasons for the musician.
The first word is the most attracting as you read the action you have to undertake followed by the gradual relativization.
This is more relevant in faster tempos and over shorter musical distances.

I haven’t checked: Is it possible to swap “sub. forte” to “forte sub.”? Same reason…

Thanks for hearing me

You can turn on the Suffix control in the Properties Panel and type poco a poco there (or anything else you want, such as “marc.”, “sub.”, etc.).

But “poco a poco” draws to the right, by default, I believe. And yes, if you want “forte sub.” you can do that from Engraving Options > Dynamics. On a case-by-case basis you can do it from the properties panel, too, by setting “Subito position” to “right”.

merci bien
(both of you)

You’re welcome! The prefix and suffix properties are indeed nifty features which I use frequently. The only thing on my wish list for dynamics would be for the word “al” to be recognized as a valid word in the dynamics popover, with the ability to add trailing dots or dashes, so that you could generate something like “cresc. poco a poco … al… f”, with the ability to drag the “al” independently to wherever you wanted to position it. But it’s more of a “nice to have” for me, and definitely not a priority.