REQUEST: some things in Properties Panel


  • I very much dislike these tiny little sliders in the properties panel and that i have to first activate them and then click again to select what i really want.
  • Isnt it possible, that it slides automatically ON when i select something to its right, either the dropdown menu or an icon ???
    E.g. I already see the icon of the flipped direction of the slur i want, but i have to click twice to activate.
  • I would love to have access to all options in the properties panel via key command, but this has certainly been adressed before

Thanks for being heard :wink:

The design with the sliders indeed does require you to click twice, but it probably won’t change due to the design behind it.

The sliders indicate if the property default is overridden, giving access to different options only when activated.
This also helps to track down what is wrong if something doesn’t look like intended. Without sliders, you would not be able to tell which properties are overridden.

The issue of the override switches has been discussed at great length on the forum, and we have no plans to change it.

We do, however, hope to improve keyboard access to the Properties panel in future.

Hi all!

Sorry to revisit this issue, but couldn’t it be made possible to enlarge the clickable area concerning the switch/slider to include the text area next to it? This way, I wouldn’t have to aim as precisely to flick the switch!
And it would make it possible to set a checkmark with a double click, if I’m not mistaken!
To be very clear, I have no problem at all with the sliders as such, works great for me!

Thanks for your consideration,

Benji, I don’t think you’ve thought this through. If the clickable area for the switch included the text box, a double-click would turn off the switch, making the text box uneditable. That’s how switches work…


That’s how they work indeed… :blush:
And, no, obviously I didn’t think it through… :unamused: Thanks for thinking along, though… :nerd:

Have a great day!