Request: Steinberg purchasing Abandonware from other companies to revive the software

who does not dream having that great old software back, updated to latest specs.?

comes to mind:
Steinberg TL Audio EQ-1
i remeber that plguin could be clicked on the EQ Graph/Curve, and collapsed showing the Hardware Tube Ventilation Holes…
but that feature only worked in Nuendo 2,
since Nuendo 3 expanding / collapsing GUI did not work.
That was in the PowerPC G4 / G5, vs. Intel Pentium 1.8Ghz CPU era.

another was:
Digidesign Focusrite The Forté Suite TDM RTAS plugins bundle.
was discontinued and never updated to AAX.
i loved those plugins.
i still have the ilok license.
did not sold well, because it was like $800usd. then $500usd. then $50. when RTAS & TDM was discontinued.

Focusrite released a Red Suite & a Blue Midnight suite, but those are inferior to the Digidesign RED D2 / D3 & Forté Suite, even a video on YouTube claims total phase cancel… on 1 setting, that probably spent like a year doing. LOL. Jajajaja
i have the Focusrite RED VST crap, and also the Digidesign D2 / D3 AAX, there is No competition…
i never use the New Focusrite, never.

other software:
M-Audio / Digidesign Torq v2.0 DJ Software.

why discontinue? is beyond me.

Arboretum Hyperism 2.5 Vocoder was amazing…