Request: Sticky notes for the mixing or track window

Hi there, Cubase user since v3.5, excellent DAW.
I often do (as many others do) a few mixes of a track pretty quickly, then I’ll leave it for a bit then come back to finish the mix. It would be very helpful to be able to throw up a sticky note or two to remind me of what is different, added, subtracted, routed, etc. in the mix.
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Isn’t that what the Project & Track Notepads are for?

I, like a lot of folks, also use a Marker Track for timeline related notes/comments - like “What’s making that click?”


Melda Productions offers a free notepad in the MFreeFXBundle that you can load as a plugin. It does take up a slot, but I find it very useful and enjoy using it. Perhaps that could be an option.
MNotepad | MeldaProduction

If you use Mix Snapshots (available in the MixConsole window’s left sidebar), you have exactly that because you can make notes for each mix snapshot. I use those all the time for just this purpose. Moreover, you can also return to a previous snapshot if you decided to do that (though I don’t think those snapshots cover everything – e.g. I don’t think they included mix automation).

Beyond that, if there are issues in just specific places, the use of markers mentioned above, using an extra marker track beyond what you might be using for song structure) can be helpful. And, of course, there is a notepad available for every track, though it won’t be sensitive to the mix you’re making, other than to the degree you save the project – or maybe track versions? – with differences in those notes).

But, all that said, I actually tend to use actual sticky notes, and/or emails to myself, for a list of issues with any given mix. I’m generally taking the mix snapshot notes when I make a given mix, with my view of it at the time, for example without additional critical listening (e.g. car listening test) that might turn up issues I haven’t noticed when making the mix. If I’m going to flag something in the project itself, I’m more likely to use a marker track to highlight the area where review is needed.

Old school! I use pen and and notebook.
I also wrote a text-based notebook program which runs in the system tray, so it’s always there.
But yes, a better notepad saved with the project would be better. Maybe as a plugin?

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Windows 10 actually has a built-in Sticky Notes app.

As for Cubase, I feel like it already has enough facilities of that sort (see my the notes earlier in the thread). However, the reason I use email and paper sticky notes is because, when I make the notes, I’m generally not in a position to be at my computer. For example, I may have done a car listening test on the way to the supermarket, so I use my phone and send myself an email once I get to the parking lot. Or, in the case of paper notes, I may have been doing critical listening to a mixdown in another application (I generally don’t want my mixdowns adding tracks to my Cubase project, and Cubase makes it kind of a pain to deal with just using a project for texting due to the way it requires a folder and how it deals with audio files brought into a project – I mostly use Sound Forge for this, but sometimes I use Cakewalk by BandLab because if you create a project there and never save, it deletes the audio files you’ve brought into the project when you close the project, and it doesn’t require creating a project folder in this case, either as it has a global audio file store directory for when you’re not using project-specific audio folders).

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That’s a good idea, I’m tempted to try it out. The notebook is quickly accessible, and the screen remains clear. I think it’s a fast way. And for some reason, I really like pencils. That provides a contrast to the digital. On the other hand, it’s also good to have everything saved in one file, but still, I think I’ll give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, I didn’t know that. That’s also very useful; I just pinned it to the taskbar.

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