Request: Store .BAK files in "Auto-saves" folder

I absolutely hate the way my Cubase project folder looks when I open it. Tons of .BAK files. Please don’t tell me “You shouldn’t have that many .BAK files, change your preferences.” I want my .BAK files, and I want them in a subfolder. :slight_smile: Pleeeease

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A “backup” folder would be great, indeed.

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Personally, I don’t want them separated. I need to see the .baks in reference to the actual saves - need to see the date created/modified columns as well as file sizes next to each other.

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For me it is also o.k. if the *.bak files are in the same folder, you can sort by type. But if there was a choice in the preferences, that wouldn’t be a bad idea anyway.

And make so the .bak files would be put in a backup directory (if you so opted) and would create that directory if not present. That way, when it was time for cleanup, you could just delete the backup directory in one easy operation. This would save a lot us a lot of time.

Instead of a Auto-saves folder the .bak folder could have the same name as the .cpr. Example: Tune.cpr → Tune-backup folder.

I don’t get what you’re getting at. I don’t think it would be a good idea for .bak to become .cpr, plus, the program searches for .baks and cross references with the last saved .cpr in order to see whether there is a .bak that is more recent than the last user save.

No baks will become cprs. You’ll have 1 cpr AND 1 bak folder with the same name as the cpr

Bad idea and I don’t think it’s not possible as I explained above, these types of files have different functions… .bak has different code to serve as a .bak. The software needs to be able to differentiate.

I guess you don’t (or don’t want to) get what I meant. I think others will get it. I’ll leave you by your side. Bye.

No I get what you’re saying, I’m saying it’s a bad idea

I’m not even sure how your suggestion is a solution to my contention on needing to be able to compare the .baks to the .cprs?

A good idea you don’t like is just that, even if you have your arguments for not liking it.

Having baks in a separate folder is a good idea that is done well by lots of apps.

Having a preference or config file setting for it is even better.
It could be as simple as having the option to define a default relative path for the backup folder, most common options would probably be “./bak” (“bak” folder in current project folder) and “./” (current project folder).

There are thousands of years of development behind differentiating between bad ideas and good ideas, and it’s what differentiates humans as a unique species. Your statement here is within itself a bad idea because it is fundamentally anti-human and a proposal that our existence should be completely subjective, arbitrary and ruleless, which is essentially worse than tribalism.

While I do think it is a pointless FR, as one can simply ‘Ctrl+F’ in their browser/finder and type .cpr if all they want to see is .cpr… The contention between the user and I in which I am saying ‘bad idea’, is that they gave a non-solution suggestion for my contention which at first confused me because it was irrelevant and so I read it as .baks should become .cprs

Secondly, I’m not sure how easy this would be for the devs. It could be a lot of code for a relatively pointless FR because they have to factor in that someone might change this preference, but then the user might have thousands of project folders archived on a hard drive back up in which the .baks are in the root with the .cpr

is it? some people share/collaborate their sessions, sending the project folder to someone, and or are working in a commercial facility, where people might have different preferences and thus the .baks will end up getting scattered in two places.

Nothing is ever simple and the logistics of this FR are more complicated than what the FR is probably worth. again, just ‘ctrl+f’/search: .cpr - if all you want to see is the cpr, or vice versa the .bak

So, actually, I guess I do think it is a bad idea.

This was already obvious, no need for that deluge of nonsense.
The fact that you think it’s a bad idea doesn’t matter a bit.

You’re correct, the evidence it’s a bad idea is what matters. My thinking has little to do with it.