REQUEST String flageolet ???

Is there an option planned to implent some automatic fourth to flageolet conversion?
Playback would then also be nice.

Or am i missing something?

I recall John saying something was planned at least about playback. This is probably something that will be subject to scripting once the engine is overhauled. It can be done, right now, with an external program such as AutoHotKey.

We do intend to add a proper feature for string harmonics in the future, which will include support both for the notation side and for playback.

Hey there,
I’m new to Dorico. I tried to read all information about flageolets but I don’t get it.
What I did was: writing a note, input a 4th higher and changed the notehead to a diamond. I tried to add a ‘flg’ as playing technique text which doesn’t work. Do I need Noteperformer for being able to write/playback flageolets?
Can anybody please explain me a bit more detailed how I add a 4th or 5th flageolet and how I can make it playback that flageolet. Thanx so much for your help.

Writing harmonics for strings is not implemented yet, so you’ll have to make it by hand one step at a time. I think your approach should work fine. You might need to create the required playing technique (I don’t see any flg marking by default).
You cannot make it playback yet, without creating the appropriate expression map and making sure your VSTi can play it — with HALion you cannot, as far as I know…

Thanx Marc…Frank helped me out with some hints and the dorico tutorial about the ‘Playing Techniques Editor’ is very helpful…I’m thinking about buying NotePerformer3. Not sure yet. It seems to make things easier though it doesn’t reach my Spitfire strings at all. But I guess working with Spitfire in Dorico will be much more complicated than just buying NotePerformer and live with a weaker sound