Request: Tab/notation setting for individual instruments

Hey, with fretted instruments, is it possible to select if the notation/tab is viewed for instruments/players individually? If not, would it be possible to add that feature?

Sometimes it would also be useful to have another line of TABS for alternative fingerings. Especially when doing educational material for campanella guitar/melodic style banjo, It would be nice to have one staff of standard notation and multiple staves of TAB for different positions/fingering options. Of course if we had the function requested in the first paragraph, you could just hide the standard notation on the additional fingerings and get the same result with only a little more effort.

In answer to your first question, it’s in Layout Options > Players > Fretted Instruments, I believe.

To have multiple tab staves with different “string assignments”, you could have multiple players with the relevant music and show them all in the same layout. You can hide/show notation staves and tab differently for each player.

Awesome, of course, thank you guys! :slight_smile: