Request: Three handy features

Aren’t these good and quite obvious ideas?

1: Good notation of gradual piano pedal press and release. (I.e. having the last, or first, part of the line dashed or dotted, or letting the line go diagonal up to the release sign etc.)
2: Cluster chords implementation in both notation and playback. (Black key clusters, white ditto, diatonic, cromatic …)
3: When printing: Letting me choose, by clicking, which flow(s) to print. (That one would be very convenient!)

I also still miss strongly the more free drawing of lines and arrows. That kind of freedom is still a great advantage with Finale compared to Dorico.

Apart from that, still enjoying making neat scores with much less fuzz than I could before Dorico was around!

  1. In Engrave mode you can set start and ending levels to get diagonal lines in the Properties Panel
  2. No native implementation yet. However, I have made some good clusters using the notehead editor
  3. Printing is layout specific. I doubt very much this will ever happen

Free drawing is definitely on the list. We gotta be patient for that one!

  1. is more complicated than you might imagine, because
    a) each page in each layout can have multiple complete or partial flows.
    b) the flows shown on each page don’t even need to be consecutive: you can have as many Master Frame Chains as you like, running simultaneously.

What’s your preferred style of cluster notation? Stuff like this only takes a couple of seconds to create in Dorico, although I know there are several different notational styles for this:

Yup, +1 to this request!

I’ve made some nice cluster myself, but the neat triads in playback tear my ears off…
But thanks for answers!

And proper clusters don’t? lol. :wink:

I think he meant, that these sound like clean diatonic chords, not clusters.

…and that the clean chords “hurt” his ears. That was the point of my joke. Just a little jesting jab.

I have a problem with the notehead sets editor. I want to create three different noteheads (cluster top, cluster bottom and cluster intermediate) but I can’t create bottom and intermediate without change the first one, it seems that they all are copies. I think the red triangle in up-left corner is the problem but I don’t know how to remove it.

Miguel, I think the issue is that you need to click the + button in the action bar at the bottom of the dialog to actually add a fresh new notehead: at the moment you’re editing the same notehead in all three of your notehead types.

I’m clicking on + button and happens that I tell you. I link you to a video:
When I try to edit one of them I change all of them.

You need to add new noteheads from the plus button in the right side of the dialog.

That’s the notation I want to achieve
And this is the chord in which I want to do it
I understand I must use these three noteheads

So I must change the upper note to U+E135, the lower to U+E137, and the rest to U+E136. But I can’t get it in the notehead sets editor.
¿Is there any other solution?

  1. Choose Engrave > Edit Noteheads.
  2. In the category list on the left, click the + to create a new notehead set.
  3. On the right, in the ‘Name’ field, call it e.g. ‘Cluster top’.
  4. Click the + button at the very bottom of the dialog on the right-hand side in the action bar at the bottom of the ‘Notehead’ section to add a new default notehead to the notehead set. A new black notehead is added to the set.
  5. Make sure the first notehead is selected in the grid, and click the button that has the arrow pointing out of the container, the button on the right, whose tooltip is ‘Remove Notehead From Set’, to remove the default notehead from the set, leaving only your new notehead.
  6. Now click the pencil icon in the action bar in the ‘Notehead’ section at the bottom of the dialog to edit the notehead.
  7. From the ‘Note Clusters’ category, add the cluster top notehead.
  8. Select the existing notehead that was already there, and click the trash can icon to remove it.

Now repeat steps 1-5 to create the ‘Cluster middle’ notehead set. When you come to steps 6-8, choose the cluster middle notehead from the ‘Note clusters’ category.

Now finally repeat steps 1-5 once more to create the ‘Cluster bottom’ notehead set. When you come to steps 6-8, choose the cluster bottom notehead.

You may also want to add the white/open notehead versions for half notes and whole notes to all three of your notehead sets. In each case, start by clicking the + button at the bottom of the dialog in the ‘Notehead’ section, rather than editing an existing notehead that is added to the notehead set by default.

Done! The trick is to erase the default note. Thank you very much!

Dorico 3.5.10 does not allow me to remove the Standard Notehead.
So it always prints “normal” and not as cluster…

If you need any assistance, oldmacilli, please attach the project and a few more details of the problem you’re having, we’ll be happy to help you.

Sorry to jump in, I just tried to do what Miguel has done, with the same chord and same Glyphs (upper note to U+E135, lower to U+E137, middle to U+E136), but the result is three small squares in the middle, not an arrow line. I want to achieve what Miguel has done in his last comment.

You’ve followed the steps in my earlier post correctly? You will now need to write a chord with the notes arranged such that there are no gaps between the various noteheads, with the top notehead overridden to use the cluster top, the bottom notehead overridden to use the cluster bottom, and the noteheads inbetween overridden to use the cluster middle. If you can’t manage this, and I hate to sound like a broken record, please attach the project along with a few more details of the problem you’re having, and we’ll be happy to help you.

I think matanporat may be referring to this…: