Request to add Note Expression capabilities

It would be fantastic if Note Expression could be integrated with Groove Agent to target things like each pads main controls: volume, pan, coarse, fine, cutoff.

The features for note expression exist in Groove Agent, but no actual note expression integration.


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Good idea. You should edit your post to include the “Feature Request” tag. More likely to get noticed by Steinberg staff.

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I cannot find the feature request tag.

Hit the pencil next to your title, then it should open up the editor. The field/drop down menu on the right is the tags. Then hit the “+” button and scroll down until you see “Feature request” and click it, then hit the save button.

It does not exist in this section :frowning:

That’s strange, but you’re right. Just edit the title and put “FEATURE REQUEST:” at the front then.

I can no longer edit the original… I do have ‘Request’ in the title already…