Request to improve navigation in Dorico 5

Hello Dorico Team

I would very much welcome the following improvements to the navigation in Dorico 5:

  • The “GoTo Jump Bar” should be able to jump to indexed rehearsal markers as well (e.g. JumpBar → GoTo → rA1, rB2, rC5, r1X7, r2X7, etc.).
  • The Jump Bar should remember the last 5 commands so that they can be repeated quickly
  • It should be possible to add key commands to the last used Jump Bar commands
  • Add a timeline as an additional part overview window with visible markers and system text defined in the part, which you can jump to with one click

Perhaps you have already taken these improvements into account, but I would just like to mention them here.

The first idea is already implemented. See page 4 of the latest Version History document.

No, it is still not possible to jump to indexed rehearsal marks like A1, B2, C3, etc.
What I appreciate is that you can jump to comments by leaving the comment window open (the right pane). The same feature would be good for time markers but I didn’t find a way to jump to those. Is there something I missed, or is it planned for the next update?