Request: toggle Font Styles dialog

I feel like I’ve exceeded my quota of posts for the day (sorry), but one small request:

When I’m checking a document for font consistency, I have to go through the Font Styles one-by-one to make sure they’re correct. It would be really helpful to be able to toggle through them with the up/down arrow, like this:

It would also be helpful to be able to Apply a change without closing so I can see the effect, just as with Layout Options, for example. Thanks for considering.

Are you sure you have to press ok? I’m almost sure I change the tempo sizes in one go (immediate and gradual).
I love the fact that I can use the keyboard to select the first letter of the Font style, btw.

No, I have to press OK, which closes the dialog. Didn’t know about the letter thing, thanks!

Sorry, I’m in the middle of a stage rehearsal… Whqt happens if you set the font you wish for gradual tempo, change the settings for the immediate tempo, and then press ok? Won’t both fonts change?

Yes, I can change multiple values, but I’d like to “audition” changes without having to re-open the dialog; that’s the essence of the request.

In Layout or Engraving Options, I regularly move the dialog to the side and hit Apply for different values to see what works best.

Ok, Dan, I understand now :wink:

I asked for the ‘apply’ button a loooooong time ago. I find it irksome when you have to keep reopening the dialogue to tweak things. Hopefully that will get worked into V3.

Good thing is you can now have a keyboard shortcut available for Font Styles (and for Paragraph Styles) so the hassle is limited, compared with using the mouse to find that option !

Marc, I’m glad you said something as I’d forgotten this was an option.

I was supposing it could probably help someone! :slight_smile: