REQUEST: Track and part color set customization

I just got Cubasis (thank you kindly for the spring sale!) and have almost nothing but praise for it; such a well designed and slick version of Cubase.
Regarding minor improvements it would be nice if the track and part color set could be customized. Some of the available colors: Vomit Green, Severe Diarrhea, If Purple Was Somehow Pink, 80’s Vegan Sweatpants are perhaps not to everyone’s liking.

Most people have favourite colors as well as colors they dislike, which in a tiny color set like this one can result in only a few being usable - if one for whatever reason don’t like blue, then 1/4 of this set is useless. It’s also a matter of having options for those that always use the same color coding in their seuenser apps, such as to differentiate between typical arrangement parts, or between instrument parts; as for example “orange for guitars”, “blue for drums”, “yellow for vocals” etc. I do, and in the current color set there are only three colors that can be used for my regular color coding. Obviously not a biggie, but I’ve used the same color scheme for some 20 years, which helps when switching between apps.