[REQUEST] UR22 32 and 48 samples driver support

I’ve read a lot of comments in this forum of users asking for a review of the current driver to add the possibility to select 32 samples in the driver settings. I think is an actual requeriment for many of us that have to work with very low latencies. I start this topic hoping to have an answer from Steinberg team. If this is not possible I have to move forward and find another brand that adjust more accurately to my needs. But I feel this sound interface very nice, and I think that modifying the driver don’t have to be very difficult for you, or for Yamaha who is the driver provider.

Thanks and saludos desde España!

I need an answer. I think it’s not very hard to modify the driver to add an option for 32 samples and 48 samples. With some setups it will not work well, but in some others yes. I’m a musician and play live with the UR22. I need a bit less latency, and the driver is restricted to a min of 64 samples. It would be very very interesting to have this option.

Please, tell me if this is posible or not, because if not, I have to find another card to work with.

Thank you

And this is supposed to be a support forum? What do you support dear Steinberg? I buy your product and you wash your hands… Very dissatisfied with the whole picture. Several UR user were requesting to review the driver to add 32 samples support. If it’s not possible, tell to us, but we are waiting for an answer since months ago.

I also need a 32 buffer size at 96khz sample rate, please can you update the driver. Working at 128 buffer size at 96khz is not acceptable for a soundcard in 2016!