REQUEST: Varispeed

Please. Please, implement tape-style Varispeed using one knob or slider to adjust the playback of the entire project, Steinberg developers.

I don’t want a workaround involving seven to twelve offline steps. I just want one knob or slider that controls the whole project like the Varispeed control with a tape machine. I want to be able to incrementally pitch/speed up or down the entire project’s playback, record an overdub, and then return the project back to it’s original state. Tape machines do this very well, producing pleasing and interesting effects.

Other DAWS (Reaper and Logic) already have this sort of functionality. Please, implement it.

{Rant Section}
Many people have asked for this feature for a long time( I know that I have). I (we, the people that requested this feature) have spent quite a bit of money buying and upgrading Cubase over the years. I feel like I am mostly paying for bug fixes and features that I didn’t ask for in the hopes that you all might (just maybe) add something that I want. Listen, this is a feature that we actually want. I am in the retail business, myself. So, I am asking this from experience. How do you expect to keep business if you ignore the requests of your customers? I’m telling you, if you fulfill the requests of your customers (who are literally telling you what they will pay money for), Cubase could be the best DAW, hands down.

Please, add proper Varispeed functionality to Cubase.

Thank you for your time and for making Cubase.

+1 yes, miss this quite much coming from logic x

+1 Have wanted this for a long time

+1 Yes Please