Request: Version 6.0.00

Thank you coding wizards for this great tool!

I please request a download link to version 6.0.00, every version since that has had a major bug for me. Thank you for all you do!


6.0.20 no reimport to Protools
6.0.30 build 202 - no reimport to Protools and freeze on export

Speactlayers Pro 6.0.30 Build 202
Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.12.0
OSX 10.12.6

Would SpectraLayers_Pro_6.0.0.190_Installer_win be of help to your case?


thank you kindly!

Unfortunately I would need the mac version. However, I appreciate your efforts none the less.

Thank you,


Hi Cody, here is the original installer:

I have forwarded the bug report to development.

Thank you very much Ed!