request: video fader and markers

Hi there,

Three things about working with film in Dorico:

  1. The video fader keeps disappearing from the mixer. I have to keep pressing “Video” to see it. This is an extra step, and curiously, simply saving the score hides the Video fader again. Why? I run NotePerformer, so the Dorico mixer is pretty empty.

  2. I’d love for “Video” (i.e. the audio from the video file) be an option in the Export Audio file. For most film use, it’s probably not necessary to export film audio, but remembering to mute it in the mixer, with the extra step of enabling the video fader every time, is not terribly elegant.

  3. Markers. I love the marker feature, but I’d love it if there were an option for the marker box to have some sort of a downward-facing arrow, so it’s possible to see more precisely where it hits. For example, in the attached passage.
    If I had an arrow or some sort of vertical-looking line like | attached to the edge or center of the marker, its placement would be clearer.


Thanks for your suggestions. I’m sure you know this already, but the marker’s actual position corresponds to the position of the left-hand edge of the text in the box, rather than the border itself, if that helps with determining the precise position.

I didn’t realize that! That makes it only harder to spot, as you not only have to deal with the edge of the border but trying to find the first letter. In an orchestral score, this is harder to see, especially in the example I posted in this thread.