REQUEST : VST Presets Banks Management

As most Producers do, I’m buying tons of Presets for my VSTis
(such as Spire, Serum, Nexus, …)

I Love Mediabay for Audio Samples BUT please :
For VST Presets, find a better way to manage Proprietary Presets banks !

Spire is the perfect example …
Let’s say I purchase a new bank,
then I load this Bank into Spire (via the Load bank Menu)

And now what !? …
How do I manage my new Presets in Cubase’s Mediabay ???
(Do I have to resave them One by One as VST Presets ?)

Or maybe I missed something !??

The same Problem goes for most VSTi I own …

Steinberg … pleaaaase
Improve the Mediabay in this regard !