Request: VST3 window behavior like VST2

Problem: During mixing sessions I often end up with 20-30 opened plugins. So, if I want to clean up and start to close a VST3 plugin (with CMD-W), the next active window is always the Cubase arrange window (which of course I dont want to close!). So I have to click on the next plugin-window - then close the plugin window. then click on the next plugin - close…and so on…

While back in the golden VST2 age, you could close 30 plugins very easy and fast by just hitting CMD-W 30 times. The next active window was always a VST-plugin while the Cubase arrange window was always the last window to become active.

I tried “VST plugins always on top” in the prefs, but it doesn’t help.

It would be really great to get that old VST2 behavior back!

or does anyone know a workaround for this?


Key command “close all VST UI windows”?

Thanks! - yes workspaces seem to be a good idea - I never really used this function.

Is there an existing key command “close all VST UI windows”? I couldn’t find it.

Hi there,

I find this frustrating too…

Although I even cant seem to close individual plug ins with cmd + w … it seems to always close the project itself, even if I put focus on the plug-in.

I have now re-assigned cmd + w to “close all plug-ins” in Windows, in Key Commands…

However this isn’t really what I want, I would prefer to know the Key Command for close the current plug-in only, and for it to then default to the next plug in, as Mister 9 Volt said.

It can be really annoying as I instinctively use cmd + w a lot, and end up often being promted if I really want to close the project! Which is of course very annoying in the middle of creative flow…


This is not limited to Plug-Ins. I encountered this problem recently when I had the Expression Map Editor open. For whatever reason, the Expression Map Editor is not even responsive to Cmd + W. Perhaps the window behaviour in Cubase needs a tweaking?

To avoid accidental project closures in Pro Tools, Avid have set their close project shortcut to ‘Shift + Cmd + W’. A similar initiative for Cubase would be great!

Yeh now that I have “close all plugins” set to cmd + w its stops the possibility of accidentally closing… which is a relief, but its still kinda irritating… :imp:

haha…it took me quite a while to find this key command…it’s not in “Windows/…” but in “Mixer/Windows: Close All Plugins”.

There should be a BIG button in the arranger window and in the mixer for this.