Request: WebDAV or other networking capability

WebDAV (or another form of access to files on network storage) support would be great so I can use my audio files stored on my computer at home. The current three offerings (iTunes import, WiFi and Dropbox) do not address this need, or do, but do it so poorly that you simply don’t want to use it (iTunes file upload/download).

My use case would be:

  1. Start working on a song in Cubasis (on the couch)
  2. Decide I need some audio files I have stored on my computer
  3. Browse my files on the computer, much the same way we do now in cubasis with local files
  4. Drag and drop (as we do now) the audio file to a track
  5. Only then will it copy the file from webdav to the ipad, where it can be converted and placed in the song

The current process of having to sync music via itunes or start the wifi server and copy it to the ipad don’t work well and break the flow of creating music. Following the current method I need to copy a whole bunch of audio files to my ipad ‘just in case’ I need them in my song. The limited space on the ipad means it fills up fast.