Now I am sure this is mentioned somewhere but I have a feature request.

Kind of sucks to use these in a dark studio becasue you do not know which buttons are which…so since they illuminate why not beable to illuminate the whole thing slightly so we can see the buttons…even if it is really slight it would be a sweet feature.

:confused: Flashback :confused:
Exactly the same thing happened with the cc121, guess Steinberg didn’t take the hint :frowning:

YES - please lights ON - it will be great to have a possibility to have a options to control of illumination of controller keys !

I concur.

As do I. I just got my TP and CH units, and this is my only complaint about them!


thanks for the input.



Chris - I’m sure the Steinberg engineers didn’t leave this “no background light” feature out by accident. What’s the reason, not enough power on the USB bus?