Requesting help with using the Unison Midi chord pack in Cubasis 3.0

Heya. I went and grabbed the Unison chord pack when it was on sale and I’ve been finding it real handy to sketch out ideas on PC DAWs.
But when I put copies of the midi clips on my ipad and opened up Cubasis 3.0.2, I find I can drag one cord file onto the track. But when I try add a 2nd chord to the track, Cubasis automatically opens a new track and moves the file there.
Is there any way to avoid this? Like some kind of midi track merger option so I don’t have 3 separate tracks for basic 3 chord progression?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Sweeper,

Thank you for your message.
The issue is planned to be resolved with the upcoming Cubasis update.

Best wishes,