Requesting Some MIDI editing Features

Hey Cubasis team,

I’ve just started using Cubasis on the iPad and am loving it so far. There are a couple of features I’ve noticed right out of the gate that would help my workflow a lot if they were added.

I produce rock music, so programming realistic acoustic drums is critical. Therefore, having more tools to quickly and easily batch edit velocity information would be greatly appreciated.

For example, it would be great to select a key on the piano roll on the left, and have it select all the notes in that row that can be edited at once (and preferably have the velocity be editable by “drawing” across with an Apple Pencil without effecting unselected notes).

Additionally it would also be great if we could have some functions available for manipulating midi that’s available in full-fledged desktop daws, such as randomization (with configurable limits) of velocity.

Lastly, it would be really sweet if we could click and drag across to draw multiple midi notes (ratchets) in one swipe, and if I were to be picky, have a configurable piano roll to only show “active” notes for drums, or notes of a scale for melodic instruments.

These are just a few things I’ve noticed as I’ve been working with the app the past few days. There are workarounds, such as having multiple instances/tracks for each drum to batch edit velocity per drum, but I lose visibility to the placement of midi events from each track relative to one another. Octachron is an awesome step sequencer that has “per lane” velocity edit, so that helps, I just lose the ability to retroactively edit it in that environment once it’s “printed” to a track. But all in all this has been fantastic, and most of all, I am having a ton of fun!

I am super encouraged by the potential of iOS music production, especially since my M1 iPad Pro has the same chip as the mac. I feel like the sky’s the limit and am excited to see what the future holds! I am also super excited by the fact that the Cubasis team has embraced its user base and is actively fielding feedback and feature requests, and discussing these things openly. That is SO cool!

Cheers guys

Hi @Cameron_Reese,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please have a look at our dedicated MIDI editor tutorial clip.
While this has been created with Cubasis 2 back then, most of it works the same with Cubasis 3.

Please let me know, if this helps to work more quickly and easily in the MIDI editor.

Alongside, we try our best to make Cubasis better with every update, and hope to add some MIDI improvements at some point in the future too.

& stay well,