Requests - Crosshair Cursor and Shift-Constrain Dragging

I’m enjoying learning Dorico, but miss 2 features found in my Brand X software.

√ Vertical and Horizontal crosshairs to assist in aligning items that are being dragged to reposition (see attached screenshot).
√ Constraining a drag to perfectly horizontal or vertical by pressing “Shift” while dragging.

Please consider these for the future.


Dear notesetter,
Maybe you already know, but if you don’t : you do not have to drag “perdendosi” horizontally in Dorico, just set the Dynamics property in the bottom panel to justify on the left of the note. Actually, the point in Dorico is to have as little dragging as possible. Yet your request is good, just making sure you caught that philosophy in Dorico (earning time and get the best result)
[Edit] I just noticed that you’ve been in the forum for longer than I, so accept my apologies for misjudging your post, since you must already know all about the philosophy and the capabilities in Dorico!

No problem, Marc. I seem to be a long-time forum member but a short-time Dorico owner and user (2 months).

I prefer dragging most of the time. This is handier, especially with concert band and orchestra scores where space is limited and various symbols and text need to be slightly mis-positioned as compared to proper positioning on the parts.