Requests: Dorico to Cubase and system track.

I had a small radio underscore/theme project which seemed like the perfect opportunity to try keeping stuff in Dorico as late as possible before moving to Cubase. This has solidified the ideal workflow for integration (only from my POV…).
Given that I have the same VSTs in both programs, it would be amazing to export tracks to Cubase that automatically set up their VSTs and also include automation data. It would also be good to select parts of a flow via the system track for export.

One other little request… is there any chance of having both trash and select all buttons at both ends of the system track?

One small question… how can I export audio tracks without Dorico putting them inside folders inside folders? I’m sure I was set up to do that previously.

We considered putting the select and delete buttons at both ends of system track’s selected range, but we decided against it on the grounds that the two operations are so diametrically opposed that inadvertently clicking on the delete button would be so harmful and disorientating that we wanted to eliminate the possibility.

You can’t currently control what Dorico does in terms of folder creation during audio export, but this is something we are planning to provide more options for in future.

In terms of exporting to Cubase, certainly this is one of the use cases we are considering. In the first instance we are going to focus on the other direction (i.e. bringing data from Cubase into Dorico) but we are certainly also going to work on sending data in the other direction in future.

Thank you, Daniel.

Going Cubase->Dorico first? That’s a challenging direction as you now have to solve the problem of divining notation from MIDI. It’s the reverse engineering software equivalent of writing a decompiler, which is basically impossible to get perfectly right but good luck! Disappointing for those of us who compose the ‘proper’ way (notation ----compile—> MIDI) but if you are also adding MIDI tempo/timing so we can synchronize then we’ll be able to survive with using endpoints.