Requests for C6

Hi everyone

I made this post in the C6 forum but it has slipped off the radar, so I thought I’d put it here for greater visibility, as well as to add to the list. Feel free anyone to add to this thread, and I will remove content from my own additional posts.

What I am asking there is does C6 still prompt you to save after no changes have been made?

I am hoping for some rudimentary improvements in this area.

Greetings one and all

Another thing I’d like to see too is when there are no windows open in the program, that the Close entry in the file menu is grayed out so you know that there are no windows which might cause you to try to save the file again, as well as to tidy up the application for next run.

Probably a niggling request however this approach is quite standard in other types of applications such as graphic packages and so on.

  • multimonitor support (like ultramon but then for all the in-window dialogs like vst’s etc)
  • sizable mixer (zoom in and out)
  • sampler halion4 LE
  • wave editor Wavelab LE
  • RND portico plugins

When you cut all parts in a project, those to the right are selected along with ALL markers, tempo changes etc while parts to the left are omitted from the selection.

I believe that everything should either remain selected post incision or at least not have markers and so on behind (to the left of) the incision point included.

Would be great to be able to specify how many midi channels to create when for example instancing a multi-timbral instrument on the VST Rack.

Set Cubase to not automatically activate projects when the second last one is closed.

I personally would prefer it if a remaining project does not automatically open when another project has been closed, ie in the case of 2 open projects in order so you can quickly close a previous project that for example you may have only opened so as to copy parts from.

Does anyone see what I’m talking about here?

What I have also found is playback always occurs when you switch between projects but not when you close an inactive project which I feel may be inconsistent behavior.

When one track is set to input monitor, be it midi or audio, allow retrospective recording to apply, so you don’t need to be in record mode for that track.

Also, a stationary record mode would be very useful, and a metronome that functioned in stop mode.