Requests for support

Hi I just bought (Sep 2013) a Steinberg CI2+ and it was bundled with Cubase Essential 5. I’ve sent a couple of requests to Steinberg on-line support 4-5 days ago but still haven’t had a reply. Can anyone tell me how long they usually take to get back to a request?

My Cubase Essential 5 came without a USB dongle however the vendor is saying it doesn’t need one. I can’t seem to install the software with the activation code only! :frowning:

I am a complete newbie so I’d welcome any help or advice available here.


Have you installed the lastest eLCC?

Hi Scab
yes I’ve done that, and also the support file thingy they also say to try. I suppose it boils down to “Is it possible to install Cubase Essential 5 without an eLicenser dongle?” If it’s not I’ll be sending the product back to the guy I bought it from.

No, it´s not possible to run Cubase Essential 5 without a USB eLicenser…

i concur, my Cubase ai4 —if i understand correctly— was among the latest versions to not require USB licensing. sowwyy… ~S~