Requiem Canticles staff label question

Engraving late Stravinsky - not messing with the cutaway score layout - but I do have a question. In the first system I would like to label the solo violin and violin 1 separately, but still label the section Vln. I and II with the label in between the staves. Is this possible? And is there a reason the 16th note doesn’t appear in the metronome mark? Thanks for any ideas!

Stravinsky Requiem Canticles.dorico (1.8 MB)

That problem with the metronome mark should be solved by checking your Font Styles > Metronome Music Font. Something like Bravura Text should work…

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Thanks Marc! I checked the font and it was already set to Bravura Text - but now the 16th note appears, so maybe that was just a glitch.

And for the solo string players, adding them to a new group in Setup mode did the trick (I should have thought of that earlier).

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