Required License Missing...... Faulty Key?

I am getting more frequent occurances of “XXXXX Required license failed to load” - usually with HALion3, Groove Agent 3, or another Steinberg product as I load a project. If I close the project down and re-load it, the problem does not re-occur (usually).

Now, I have a very old original Steinberg key that I got with SX1, and am guessing that it is on it’s way out. Does that make sense? (it is, after all, very old now).

If it is, I have no problem at all in buying another one, but can someone tell me how easy it is to transfer licesnses from one key to another. I don’t have to re-install everything, do I?

System is Windows 7 64-bit with 12GB of RAM, running Cubase 6 32-bit version.

If this is in the wrong forum, worry.


Visit e licenser web site and download the latest version of syncrosoft. It might be solve your problem.

Ok, I have downloaded the latest driver, and am still expeeiencing the same behavious, although not on every load, so it is symptomatic of something failing rather than being a driver issue now.

So, back to one of my original questions: If I do buy a new key (which isn’t a bad thing anyway as it should run faster), how easy is it to transfer licenses from my existing key to the new one? Is there a procedure somewhere that tells me what I need to do?

When you click the above link to the elicenser site, all you need to do is watch the video, which explains what you´re asking. Or read the help file in the elicenser app, or use the search function of the forum…
All options are highly complicated, I know - but manageable…

Ah, apologies, I had thought that the link (from it’s description) was just the license download link which I had already done.

Still, having watched it now, your help has been gratefully received and, as you say, it explains exactly what I needed to know.

Just a shame that you had to be so snotty about it…

Yes, I know - I´m so bad (baby I don´t care…)