reregister Elements 7

Cubase Elements 7 was installed on PC. PC dead thanks to Windows 10, now have Mac Book Pro. Can’t get elisencer to work. In an endless loop trying to re-register. Have updated my eLisencer to 194. Installed Elements 7 on the MAC, logged in to My Steiberg but the reregistration just puts me in a loop. How do I get a new registration key for my Cubase?


Do you mean a registration or an activation? To activate your Cubase Elements to the new computer, go thru the Reactivation process.

OK- yes I was re-activating. Wants a key which i do not seem to have. I was somehow under the impression that this would be stored on the dongle. Missing the license for both the Elements 7 and the unlock code for the the MP3 mixdown/export.


What kind of key do you mean?

The license can be stored on the USB-eLicenser (USB dongle), but by default Cubase Elements license is stored on Soft-eLicenser.