Resale wizard for 11 Pro dongle that had upgrade entitlement to 12 question

So, I have a question about a Cubase Pro 11 license on a usb e-licenser that received the 12 upgrade entitlement. If I want to resale my 11/12 Pro licenses do I simply resell the usb e-licenser? Meaning, who ever I sell it to will automatically receive the 12 Pro upgrade in their account when they register the usb e-licenser? Or, do I just resale the 12 Pro license and send the email for a license transfer request of a Steinberg Licensing product and that would be the only thing needed for the purchaser? The new resale wizard doesn’t really explain this very well.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you have activated your Cubase 11 (with the Cubase 12 update), follow Cubase 12 reselling instructions, please. If you haven’t activated the license yet, follow Cubase 11 reselling instructions, please.

You sell the dongle along with the DAC you receive when the ownership transfer is approved. This is stipulated elsewhere, I think in the Steinberg licensing FAQ.
Since the license was already updated, it won’t get updated again.

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Thank you for the help. It’s hard to piece the requirements together from multiple locations on the website.