Resale Wizard for regions Outside USA and without direct Steinberg support


I am trying to obtain a new access code to resell my Cubase 12 license and I am following instructions from this page

Nevertheless, I have no such options as written in instructions

  • Select the option “Other request (not for technical support)” at the bottom and click “Next”.
  • Select “Request for change of ownership - Steinberg Licensing” from the pull-down menu.

Instead there is a button labeled Steinberg Distributors. So am I supposed to write an email to an appropriate distributor instead? I am based in the Czech Republic.

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Hi @tichyj

Did you follow the links and go through the list of distributors? There is a support email address for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Another option you could try is to send email to info at steinberg dot net. I did that couple of times and it was treated like a support ticket. (I am also from a country with no direct support)

Maybe @Martin.Jirsak or @Ben_at_Steinberg knows how to proceed in this case.


Sorry, Cubase 12 is not part of the “How-to-resell-Steinberg-software-Resale-Wizard” article. This one was written for the Soft-/USB-eLicenser based products.

It was updated. There is an option for the new Steinberg licensing. But it requires submitting a support ticket. I guess this is the problem… How to submit the support request?

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Thank you both for your reactions. Yes, the new licensing mechanism should be included as seen on this screenshot:

As Misohoza mentioned the problem is that the process requires a submitting a support request, but this is not available for the Czech Republic. I have sent an email to the Czech support but I have not recieved an answer so far.

Did you follow the wizard steps?

A support ticket is not required, and there’s a big red button on the Steinberg Licensing step that sends an email message, and the email address itself is displayed there also.

Do you see it?

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Interesting… Yesterday, the instructions were to create a support ticket but @steve is right.

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Looks like we’re seeing live website updates from the SB team, which is faster than fixing, submitting for approval, waiting for a separate department to make the actual edit etc., etc., etc