Resaling Cubase and deleting acount ?

Hi all,

I Plan to resale my Cubase Pro 9. I think I have understood I must delete my registration license before the resale. Right ?
But on the eLicensers menu of My Products page, there is a message who’s afraid me : “Warning: this USB-eLicenser contains a license that enables the usage of VST Transit. Deleting this USB-eLicenser from the account blocks full access to an available VST Transit account.”

I’m a french guy (not very comfortable with my english), and don’t understand too much this aspect… Thank you to light me

Do you have a VST Transit Account? You don’t, since you don’t know what it is, so no worries.

Est-ce-que vous avez un compte chez VST Transit? Si vous ne savez pas ce que veux-dire “VST Transit,” on dirais que tu n’en pas. Alors, il n’exist aucun soucis. :smiley:

You’re right, but if the future buyer of my license wants a VST Transit account, will he be able to register?

I presume so. The warning only reminds the user that their VST Transit account uses their registered USB Key and Cubase license for access. The license grants the right to use certain things, VST Transit included. Steinberg allows reselling licenses without cost or any kind of penalty.

Thank you. Now I’m less stupid ! :wink: