Resampler rate change issue

I’m having an intermittent problem with WL10.0.10 in switching the audio file’s sample rates. I typically record our band’s live/rehearsals with my Zoom Q2N at 48khz/24 bit wav then copy the recording to my Mac and edit out all but the performance. WL detects the file’s sample rate correctly. I have the resampler set to 44.1 so I can render it at that rate - WL changes my interface’s sample rate to 44.1 correctly but, the audio coming from the speakers is full of static as if the sample rate was wrong. I have 2 interfaces - a Focusrite 8PreX and an RME Fireface 802. Switching interfaces makes no difference. If I load the file into another player (Anytune) it plays correctly at 48khz. Since Anytune doesn’t have the ability to resample I can’t test that.
The next time I open the file it might work OK. I’ve tried disabling/enabling the resample and all plugins with no luck.
I’m running out of ideas - has anyone had something similar to this problem?

Do you mean, using the resampler causes distortion? did you try, without any other plugin? Did you try with different asio block size?

I am experiencing this problem, too, and found the reason. (MAC) I have this problem if I am using another program before (like JRiver MediaCenter) and am playing a file with a different sample rate than that of the file I am playing in WaveLab.
If you are playing a file with the same sample rate the problem disappears.
Probably a problem that is connected to the change of the audio in/ output problem that is described in another thread.
In a next update that hopefully will be corrected.


This makes sense. Pretty sure I played a recording at another rate on Anytune prior to WL.
I look forward to 10.0.20