Resampler/Resampling Bug in Wavelab 10.0.20

i’m an audio mastering engineer.I work both in music and broadcasting enviroment.

I’ve just upgraded to Wavelab 10.0.20 (i still have the 9.5.50 version on my pc).

I do a lot of sample rate conversions during the day and i’ve found an annoying bug related to src in Wavelab 10.0.20.

If i open a file that has a sample rate of 48kHz and i want to process all the audio at 96 kHz and then convert back to 48 kHz on the fly
i do the following procedure:

-Open the resampler plugin in the master section (steingberg->mastering->resampler) and set it at 96 kHz best quality

-load all the plugins i need

-Set the resampling on the master section at 48 kHz

The problem is that if i press play i won’t hear any audio unless i disengage the resampling in the Master Section.

This was not happening in Wavelab 9.5.50 as i was able to do all the sample rate conversions i want on the fly and still hear the audio processing without any problem.

Now it’s not possible because the frequency near the render button at the bottom of the master section remains unchanged
even if i set the resampling to a different sample rate and i don’t hear any audio or the playback cursor doesn’t work.

Could you please fix this bug with the next release?

thank you


Yes, I can reproduce your scenario. This will be fixed in 10.0.30

Perfect Thank you PG