resampling up and down but keeping original wave files?

I am trying to think of creative ways to incorporate the TR-8 into my workflow. It only allows 96 Khz digitally via USB.

My idea is this:

  1. Work at 48 Khz, use MIDI to trigger TR-8.

  2. When I want to print TR-8 tracks individually, switch project to 96 Khz, allowing Cubase to resample my audio files. (the idea being it will only be temporary for monitoring while tracking the TR-8)

  3. When I have the TR-8 tracks recorded, set project back to 48 Khz, keeping the newly resampled TR-8 tracks (which have to be converted to 48 Khz, but this is ok since it’s downsampling), but also REVERTING back to the original 48Kz waves for all other tracks.

If I do this workflow now, and I look at the wave files, it’s doing two conversions on the existing files. It sounds ok actually, but I don’t think that’s ideal, right (up and then down sampling)

Is there some easy way I don’t know about to make Cubase use the ‘old’ 48Khz files?

I am thinking the only way is to set up a new project to track the audio from the TR-8, then import those wave file stems into the original project. But, I liked my idea because then I could also add effects and hear the total mix (I guess I could still use another project and just ‘undo’ the up conversion in the original project).

No , the Tr8 is a pain to try and work with in the USB - 96khz respect , swapping drivers between the TR8 and your soundcard can sometimes loose all your saved input connection .
I’m using mine with the 4 analogue outs which i find is enough ,as trying to swap from 96khz to 48khz is a Pita . I’m on Pc

I’d copy the whole project directory then work with the copy to convert/record… Then import back into the original. That way you avoid any conversion in the original. Delete the copy when you’re done.