Rescale the hitpoint editor and add db values instead of percentage

Now that the loudness wars are nearly over and engineers all around are finally adopting healthy gain staging routines, it doesn’t make much sense for this editor to give special focus to the top 12dbs of the full scale range. A lot of people is gainstaging below those values nowadays, lots of plugins have their “0” calibrated to -18dbfs on their VU meters as default.

As a consequence, this tool needs a redesign to comply with today’s standards.
(see image below)

Although we can recalibrate this scale using the vertical zoom, setting a threshold can be tricky, especially now that engineers tend to gainstage with higher headrooms.

I find myself using only the first 10% of the slider to detect hitpoints way too often, this gives me very poor resolution in an often surgical work. Just check the following:

0%= -inf
1%= -42db
2%= -32db
3%= -30db
4%= -28db
5%= -26db
6%= -24db
7%= -23db
8%= -22db
9%= -20db
10%= -20db
13%= -17.5db
20%= -14db
25%= -12db

This basically means that 75% of the slider movement is useless for anyone gainstagind at -12db, 87% for anyone gainstaging at -18db.

0 to 100?! This is a threshold slider, please make this in dbs.