rescaling events

I know that I can drag events with the stretch tool to resize them but how do I resize multiple events so that they resize and keep the scaling between the events at the same time? What I’m saying is how can I resize multiple events so that not only the events resize but the spacing between the events also resize?

Nothing at all for this?

It would be a job to do in the Logical Editor or Project Logical Editor, depending on which type of event you are manipulating.

The usefulness of the following depends upon the simplicity of the ratio of the scaling you desire (or, how good you are at maths! :wink: )…
Let’s take the simple example that you wish to double the tempo of your MIDI Parts and their contained events (and, in this example, that the original tempo is 120 BPM)…
Set all the tracks for which you want to do the scaling, from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (“quarter-note” icon in the track’s Inspector changed to “clock” icon)
Change the tempo from 120 BPM to 60 BPM. (those tracks still “sound” the same, although now against a tempo of 60 BPM).
Set the tracks back to Musical Tilmebase.
Change the tempo back to 120 BPM.
Done :wink:.

Alternatively, if you’d rather use the “Sizing applies Time Stretch” tool, simply glue all the parts together, use the tool, then split the parts again :wink:.

Or, as Steve says, the Logical Editor/Project Logical Editor :wink:.

THANKS! That might work right there. I’m not so good with project logical editor to pull it off within that but I think I’ll look into setting it anyway just to see if I can make it happen.