Rescaling Tuplets


Can anyone suggest the most efficient workflow to change from this rhythm:
Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.30.13 PM.png
to this (identical rhythm, different notation):
Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.46.30 PM.png
… and back again?

Or to put another way … if I write a whole bunch of music in, for example, half-note based tuplets, and decide later that it would be clearer notated in quarter- or eighth-based tuplets, (or vice-versa) what is the fastest workflow? Currently I can’t find a way that is faster than just re-entering the same music from scratch.

I thought I saw this discussed somewhere in the forums previously but now I can’t find it - apologies if I’m asking a question that has already been answered.



My strategy would be go into insert mode, remove the original tuplets (select just the tuplet numbers, not the notes, and press delete), then create new ones.

Select the whole passage, press ; and type 5:4e in the popover, to be explicit that you want 8th note tuplets rather than letting Dorico guess.

Rob, thank you! I did not realize it was possible to specify note durations in the tuplets popover for the tuplet “denominator” in this way.

How would you specifically denote other note values… 16th notes, or half notes? Is there a list somewhere of everything the popover will recognize?

My problem before with just deleting the tuplet bracket was that I would then lose some of the music – but I see now that Insert mode is the answer to that issue, despite the scary moment of the entire rest of the flow sliding back by a tuplet value…

found it (for anyone else who might be wondering):

thanks again