Rescan Tomorrow

Just a heads up that Cubase will rescan all plugins tomorrow for anyone in the UK with the time change.

Not too late to change your Windows settings and stop that shizz happenin’ :mrgreen:

Wavelab too, my ua stuff takes over an hour to scan :frowning:

But you’d apparently rather go through all that than spend 10 seconds disabling auto time setting tonight and 10 seconds tomorrow manually updating the time :confused:

Wow, on my main computer it takes around 10 seconds

Too late, coz (ironically) I’m onsite all night at a large corporation performing clock-change on their systems! I won’t get home until 6am.

Too late. It’s now tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. I wonder if there is something other than the number of plug-ins scanned that causes it to take so long. I just did a quick calculation and assuming it takes a full minute to scan all my plug-ins (it really takes much less), then in order for it to take an hour I’d need to have over 35 thousand plug-ins.

Mine didn’t take long until I got UA gear. It’s the UA plugins that take an hour plus, and yes I’ve excluded the folders from my AV.

Does anyone know why it gets rescanned like that?

Yes we all know, because it gets discussed two times a year every year :slight_smile:
A very simple explanation: It is how Windows handles DST that makes Cubase see the plugins as new/updated.
My understanding is that eLicenser plays a big role, but some other software that uses a different kind of copy protection also suffer from this. Try googling DST and Rescan and you should find some more in depth explanation. I have given up arguing the matter and just accept that I loose a some seconds of my time twice a year.
DST is a relic from when energy was primary used for lighting, and should be abandoned anyway.
I was a little quick with my estimate of 10 seconds, it actually was more like 18 seconds.
OMG. :slight_smile:

Same as usual this year but the new Halion 6 and Sonic3 were blacklisted (Removed from blacklist manually)
and Wavelab 9 was unaffected (No plugin rescan)


Just over 5 minutes for me. Seems quicker than in the past???

Thing is I’ve got the UA plug-ins too but not the hour scan. So maybe having UA is necessary but not sufficient to cause long scans. Does everyone who experiences long scans also use UA?

In the release notes for 9.5.50, it says:

CAN-19854 Plug-ins are no longer re-scanned due to time changes

If this is true, it will be a fix to one of the most annoying aspects of Cubase for years … if I’m correct, in 2019 the clocks are due to go forward on the 31st of March. The tension is almost too much.

It might also have something to do with the fact that in the European Union, there’s a proposal to stop changing the clocks altogether (so-called summertime forever). I don’t know what the bi-annual recanning of plugins did in the first place, but after 2020 it wouldn’t ever happen again.

Of course, Brexiteers might not have to worry about this … :stuck_out_tongue: